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Posted by ClearSSky - September 21st, 2021

hi!! !!!! i am still herer!

today i bring more guns!

this is mostly a post towards all sorts of m4/m16 and ar15 weapons and variants ive been working on the last couple months, particularly from may to august, i havent got much done september, and i dont have a release for the weapons yet as its very unorganized, and i want to get it all laid out before i release it.

i dont want to release a sprite pack that just ends up confusing people, this is on top of the already complicated sprites.

although this isnt a release post, there is a minor checklist of things i need to finish before i feel comfortable releasing them


-better library organization

-Complete G3 platform (not including copies, i.e: cetme, Century Arms, etc)

-Complete G36 platform

-make a 416

-make more foregrips

it might not seem that short but i could probably get all this done in a month if i put my mind to it.

not this month but like october yeah h.



So stated in the list above i mentioned finishing the g3 platform. This is pretty much what i have right now.

the guns shown specifically are the HK G3 (bottom) and the HK G3A1 (top). trying to find proper images of a true to life "G3" is a challenge but i'd say i did an alright job.

my only issue with this is the scaling between the hardstock and the handguard and barrel assembly. to me the handguard and barrel are smaller than the stock. I have come to the conclusion that this is just how first generation G3's looked as most images ive seen with the old wood handguards and stocks kinda have the weird scaling.

when i start getting into the G3A2's and G3A3's it should look better.


COLT M16A2. . .. ...

this post is mostly about my current (and completed) COLT rifles collection, i still plan on expanding to other manufacturers.

just a standard m16a2, all i really did was change the handguard.


COLT M16A3. .. ......

okay this is a cool one cuz i made two different carryhandle attachments. I made them because i wanted you to be able to add optics to these weapons if you decided to use them for a character or something.

both of these were at some point used amongst us military forces, probably around the early 2000's. This one also has an actual railed handguard.

you might be asking """""why not make the railed receiver as welllell???!??""

well then its not a true m16a3.

that Knights Armament handguard isnt stock sure, but the M16A3 is just an M16a2 with a full auto function. so the same recievers still apply i guess, plus i wanted to make them look different from each other.


COLT M16A4. .. ....

the m16a3 wasnt dark enough so i made sure the m16a4 was darker.

this one has both the railed handguard AND railed receiver! ! !!!!! 11 !

again just a m16 but cool i thinkk k


COLT M4 Carbine /. ...

i didnt forget about the carbines okay

a shortened m16a4.


Colt M4A1

OH YEAH i also made an m203 which works for both the m16's and m4's! ! just make sure the barrel is the correct length before using.

i didnt make any grenade sprites for it whicj i should probably get on that


Spikes Tactical ST-15 10th Anniversary AR-15

this gun i only made because it was in the chinese anime game.

i know that it is supposed to come with an angled foregrip. but i dont like magpul and mlok stuff so i MAY make it one day

whenever i tried looking for this gun online i got three different results


-a different gun, made by the SAME company with the SAME name.

-someone trying to RECREATE the gun, and doing a mediocre job :) )



this IS a DDM4, just not the "oh shit omg is that the mk18???!?!"

yes, it is made by Daniel Defense (damn that man), and yes it sort of has the same handguard but it is different,,,,

you see, i only really made this gun because it left room for using the base front sight gas block. I like the default m4 gas block. i dont like aftermarket ones that just resemble a block. they look ugly (opinionin)



this is what most people think of when the think of the DDM4 or even MK18.

this one HAS the shortened DDM4 handguard much like the previous gun above, and apart from that is a basic m4 rifle.

alright. i didnt have pictures of the g36 because i havent got to work on it yet (Sorryy) but i will once i finish the G3's.

okay so im gonna go to bed now.

ill be back in about a month or two, bueeue byeebye



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